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Pretenders One of the Most Essential Debuts Ever Released:
No-Nonsense 1980 Set Ranked 155th Greatest Album of All Time by Rolling
First Album Recorded by Davis' Classic Second Quintet: E.S.P. Teems With Brilliant Intensity, Energy, Emotion, Steadiness, Tension, and Interplay
The Cars’ Classic 1978 Debut a Veritable Greatest Hits Album: Nearly Every Song a Radio Staple
Stupendous Sonics: Music Largely Recorded Live on Studio Floor Get Down and Make It Funky: Miles Davis' Groundbreaking On the Corner Focuses on the Groove and Bottom End 1974’s Platinum Hotcakes Captures Carly Simon in Playful, Blissful, and Domestic Moods
Last Santana Album Recorded With Famed Woodstock Band: Santana,
Guitarist Neal Schon, and Company Make Global Musical Magic That
Precedes "World Music" Genre
Defiant, Assured, Cohesive Songs Filled With Driving Psychedelia, Rustic
Country, and Crunchy Acid-Rock: Guest Musicians Include Jerry Garcia,
Stephen Stills, and David Crosby
Perfectionism, Innovation, Complexities, and Reference-Grade Production
Make Alan Parsons Project's Conceptual I Robot a Timeless Classic:
Sci-Fi Arrangements Steeped In Drama and Moodiness
Essential Bill Withers' Greatest Hits Compilation Includes
Ubiquitous Classics Such as "Ain't No Sunshine," "Lean on Me," "Lovely
Day," "Use Me," and "Grandma's Hands"
Breakthrough Record Remains Consummate Latin Rock Record: Experience This Classic the Way the Artist Intended Four-Times-Platinum Heartbeat City Survives as the Cars’ Final Great Album Before Break-Up