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Catalog numberItem
80-00007Iaasca Gold Disc
80-00008Delco/Chevrolet/Pontiac CD
80-00009Delco/Cadillac CD
80-00010Delco/X-Mas CD
80-00014Gospel Sampler CD
80-10015Alan Parsons & Stephen Court Sound Check CD
80-00016Polygram Sampler CD
80-00017Anniversary Sampler Celebrating 70 Years Of Audio Magazine And 20 Years Of Mobile Fidelity CD
81-00007Iaasca Cass
81-00008Delco/Chevrolte/Pontiac Cassette
81-00010Delco X-Mas Cassette
81-00011McDonald's All Star Band
81-00012The Kicks Band
81-00013Merle Brandon
91-10001Rice Paper Sleeves (10-Pack)
93-50001Lift Lock Jewel Boxes 5-Pack